Addressing hand-hygiene compliance requires careful consideration. Many solutions address individual components of compliance but this in isolation makes it difficult to increase and sustain compliance.

The i360Hygiene 5-Point-Plan is a fully integrated and patented hand hygiene compliance solution. Our 5-Point-Plan solution supports your organisation to create, encourage, and sustain a culture of hand hygiene compliance.




Hand hygiene compliance requires a cultural and behavioural change in your organisation. i360Hygiene delivers this change via a modular and performance driven program of short, sharp, and focused training sessions.  



We make it easy to be compliant by providing healthcare workers with personal dispensers and real-time performance feedback. Our program encourages active participation and overcomes the major compliance barriers.



Using wireless technology and convenient staff personal hand hygiene dispensers, staff tags, patient tags, and wall-mounted dispensers, our solution monitors hand hygiene opportunities and events at the Point of Care 24 X 7.



Our real-time management system provides personalised performance feedback to all healthcare professionals. This feedback is accessible anytime, anywhere through a range of media including, print, online, tablets, smartphones and strategically positioned i360Hygiene display units throughout the facility.



Our real-time reporting system provides the information you need when you need it. Analysis is easy with our simple click and drill-down process, or our innovative visualisation module. i360Hygiene enables you to make informed decisions in real-time.