i360Hygiene Solution

The i360hms Solution monitors all hand hygiene opportunities and events across healthcare facilities on a 24-hour basis all-year-round. Built around your requirements, our flexible and modular solution uses our wireless technology and convenient staff personal hand hygiene dispenser, staff tags, patient tags, and wall-mounted dispensers to track location-specific hand hygiene opportunities and provide customized feedback at the Point of Care for all hand hygiene opportunities and events.

Our management software provides detailed reports and analysis in real-time. Customizable reports are accessible online in a fully printable format. Analysis and reports are available (depending on your requirements) to all stakeholders ranging from senior management to infection control management and onwards to team leaders and staff. Our solution seamlessly integrates reminders, education, and training.

The i360hms solution is patented worldwide with patents granted in the EU, Australia and the USA; with further patentes pending on future brand extensions. 12 patents granted with 18 patents pending